About Me

My name is Gina and I absolutely love making jewelry.  Actually, I enjoy creating crafts and projects of any kind, but jewelry has always been a passion of mine. 

I live in Southern California where I have been a local Real Estate Broker but just couldn't shake this need to create in my spare time.  Ever since I was younger, I've always gone out of my way to be involved in some sort of project to further my creativity:  from crocheting, to drawing, to painting.  And now, I find a love of creating high-end jewelry. 

I am now recently married.  My husband marvels at all of my creations.  He inspires and encourages me with each piece I had created over the years for myself and friends.  Now, I've decided to share them with everyone.   

If you have something special you're looking for, I will personally customize any order for you.  Weddings, birthdays, holidays...these make perfect gifts when you're looking for something eccentric and unique.   Any necklace or bracelet can be adjusted at your request.  I can also create any "sets" i.e. matching bracelets, earrings, anklets to any piece you order. 

This site is always updated with new ideas and items...so be sure to check it often for the most  up-to-date designs.  Ask for details...!

I appreciate your support and referrals!

Thank you!